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Woodphire, LLC. Your Source for Premium Firewood

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Our Story

    At Woodphire, LLC. our story began humbly in our backyard, driven by passion for quality firewood and a commitment to our local community. From those modest origins, we've grown into a trusted name in premium firewood.


Our Product Options

    At Woodphire, LLC. we offer a wide range of firewood size options to cater to your specific needs. Whether you're looking for a convenient bundle for a cozy evening by the fire or need firewood in larger quantities, we have you covered. Our bundles are perfect for occasional use, camping trips, or small fireplaces, providing just the right amount of firewood to keep you warm. If you're a frequent user or need firewood for extended periods, consider our bulk options, including half cords and full cords. These larger quantities not only offer excellent value but also ensure you'll never run out of firewood during those cold winter months. With Woodphire, LLC. you can choose the firewood size that suits your lifestyle and heating needs best

Bundle of Firewood
Firewood Cord Measurments
Firewood Face Cord Measurments


Bundle:                                     $8.00

1/4 Cord:                                  $90.00

1/2 Cord:                                  $175.00

Full Cord:                                 $300.00

$50 delivery fee + $30 stacking fee

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